Triple the Action, Triple the Fun!

Discover the ultimate indoor attraction featuring a combination of three awesome activities in one super session. Blast Arena is available at Warrington, Milton Keynes and Matlock Bath. It's only £7 per person for one hour of non-stop activities. Blast Arena is suitable for children aged 6 and over.

Activity 1

Nerf Blaster

Nerf Target Range

Take on the NERF target range to sharpen your skills. Build up your score and prepare to step into the arena.

Activity 2

Nerf Blaster
A girl in archery kit, firing an archery bow
A girl in archery kit, firing an archery bow

Bazooka Archery

Pick up a Bazooka Bow and aim for the targets ahead. Bazooka Archery is a unique activity featuring specially designed bows.

Activity 3

Laser Tag

Warrington & Milton Keynes*

The final stage is the ultimate tactical tag game where you could become the Blast Arena Champion. Take part in a huge Laser Tag Battle with fully interactive Phasors that display individual scores.

Nerf Blaster

Bazooka Ball

Matlock Bath*

Put all your skills to the test with Bazooka Ball. Each participant will receive a Bazooka Blaster and High-Tech Vest. Will you make it to the top of the leaderboard?

Nerf Blaster