Triple the Action, Triple the Fun!

Discover the ultimate indoor attraction featuring a combination of three awesome activities in one super session. Blast Arena is available at Warrington, Milton Keynes and Matlock Bath. It's only £7 per person for one hour of non-stop activities. Blast Arena is suitable for children aged 6 and over.

Activity 1

Nerf Blaster

Nerf Target Range

Take on the NERF target range to sharpen your skills. Build up your score and prepare to step into the arena.

Activity 2

Nerf Blaster
A girl in archery kit, firing an archery bow
A girl in archery kit, firing an archery bow

Bazooka Archery

Pick up a Bazooka Bow and aim for the targets ahead. Bazooka Archery is a unique activity featuring specially designed bows.

Activity 3

Laser Tag

Warrington & Milton Keynes*

The final stage is the ultimate tactical tag game where you could become the Blast Arena Champion. Take part in a huge Laser Tag Battle with fully interactive Phasors that display individual scores.

Nerf Blaster

Bazooka Ball

Matlock Bath*

Put all your skills to the test with Bazooka Ball. Each participant will receive a Bazooka Blaster and High-Tech Vest. Will you make it to the top of the leaderboard? Children 1.2m and over may use Bazooka Blasters. Those under 1.2m can still join in using Bazooka archery bows.

Nerf Blaster